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Agent-Based Modeling (ABM) is the Future of Marketing Analytics

ProRelevant has been providing major global corporations, marketers and brands the answer to measure, prove and improve marketing return on investment (mROI) – Wouldn’t it be great to remove the guesswork from putting your strategic plans together? Read more…

Meet MarketSim™ 

ProRelevant’s ABM platform is called MarketSim® and delivers fast, strategic and tactical decision support to improve marketing effectiveness across the category, improve marketing ROI and drive increased revenue, profit, brand awareness and market share. Read more… 

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- Market mix
- Competition
- Media and promotion
- Influence from social buzz
- Channel characteristics & options
- Exogenous factors

The Power of ABM

Agent-Based Modeling (ABM) is a method of modeling that can simulate real-life consumer behavior – in real-time. Anticipate and adapt to factors before they happen – get control to best meet your goals.

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The long term value of advertising – The dark side

As I gather notes on the long term value of advertising one of the things that also needs to be considered is the negative value that advertising can have on the brand.  The biggest negative advertising effect is in email, but it can also apply to Facebook and other... read more


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Don’t Guess!

Know, Act, Win

Don’t Guess!

Know, Act, Win

Don’t Guess!

Know, Act, Win

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